How do I charge the battery in the card reader? #

Card Reader can be charged using the micro USB cable provided via a laptop USB port, a portable charger or a wall charger (not included).

Does the reader charge when plugged into the audio jack?

Only if you also have the charger connected to a wall charger, portable charger, or some other power source.

What are the minimum rating requirements for the reader’s battery to charge?

The reader needs to be charged by a PSU similar to mobile phone charger with minimum rating of 5V, 1000mA.

Can I swipe transactions if the reader’s battery is not charged?

No. Both swipe and EMV transactions require that the battery be charged.

How long does it take to charge the battery? #

Time to fully charge the battery is approximately 2.35 hours with 10W PSU (USB).

Can I use the reader to process transactions while it is charging? #

Yes, the reader can be used while the reader is being charged via USB.

How quickly can I use the reader if I start charging it after it is drained? #

With a fully drained battery and 10 minutes of charge, you should be able to perform approximately 5 transactions.

If I am not using the card reader, will it still lose charge? #

Yes. When the rechargeable battery is fully charged, it takes about 3 months to lose charge when kept without being used.

How can I tell what the status of the battery is? #

The reader needs to be connected to a phone/tablet or a power source in order for the LED lights to come on indicating battery status.

How can I tell how much battery charge remains?

Battery Life indicator within the Settings drawer can be used to see how much charge is left. Reader must be inserted into the audio jack of your device and app must be open in order to see that information.

Battery Life Clover Go

How many transactions can I process on a full charge? #

Current testing shows that user can process approximately 100 EMV transactions or 200 swipe transactions on a full charge over a period of time. However, if processed within a single day, that number may be higher.

I inserted my reader into the audio jack of my device but the LED lights are not coming up and I know I just charged the reader. What should I do? #

Make sure the app is allowed access to the microphone. You can check that within the Settings of your phone or tablet. Next, make sure the volume limit is set to the maximum level and is not on mute. Also, make sure you are not talking on the phone or using a Bluetooth device (like speakers) that diverts away from the audio jack. If that still does not work, access the Settings Drawer of your app, go to the Help and Support section and call the Customer Service number you see there for assistance. NOTE: Some cases and covers interfere with the reader fitting correctly. Remove your case or cover and see if that helps.

Can I use a card reader other than the Clover Go card reader?

No. Each processor’s reader is encrypted for their use only.

Can I buy the Clover Go card reader on the Internet? #

No. The Clover Go card reader must be purchased through First Data so that it is embedded with the appropriate encryption. That encryption can’t be obtained elsewhere.

Can I use my Mobile Pay reader? #

No. You must have a Clover Go reader.