How can I enable Tips within the app? #

Login to your Web Dashboard at and select the Setup app, you will then see Tips as an option on the left hand side. Click that and you will be able to control whether or not the Tip screen presents by checking or unchecking the “ask for tip” box. You can also configure what percentages are displayed as options.


Tip Label will not carry through to the Clover Go app.

How can I disable Tips for the app? #

Login to your Web Dashboard at and select the Setup app. Click the Tips option on the left hand side and uncheck the “Ask for tip” box.

I selected the tax rate I want to apply, but it is not applying to my inventory items. Why? #

The tax rate selected via the Settings Drawer is only applied to custom items. For inventory items, the tax rate set when creating the item will be applied.

How do I add a tip to a transaction?

Ensure tips are enabled in your Web Dashboard. Once your tips are enabled, upon payment type selection of “Credit/Debit Card” the tip screen will appear before you “Authorize” the transaction.

Can I add a tip after completing the transaction?

No. Clover Go does not support tip adjustment.

I added inventory (or made changes) within my Web Dashboard but do not see those changes reflected in the app…what did I do wrong?

Go to Settings > logout. Then log back in with your PIN. Inventory app will be refreshed when you log back in to the app.

Do you support Inventory Management? #

At this time, we do not increment or decrement quantities based on purchases or refunds. Inventory that has been set up on the Clover Dashboard will present in the Clover Go app to simplify order entry.

Can I add items to the inventory from within the app?

Currently you cannot.

Why do I not see a tax rate that I can include as part of my Quick Mode item?

Quick Mode does not support the application of taxes as a separate line item. The full amount should be included in the total entered.

Am I able to add a custom header and footer to my receipts?

Yes, open the Setup app and click on “Payment Receipts”.

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