With Clover Mini, Flex, Station 2018 and new Pro you’ll get to choose which monthly plan makes the most sense for your business. Since everyone’s different, Clover allows you to select the plan that works best for you.  The remaining monthly fees, below, are charged by Clover directly and billed to the bank account on file. Read about each plan, below.

Payments Plus – $4.95 per device/month

The Payments Plus plan is the most basic Clover plan, but carries no additional monthly fees. With the Payments Plus plan, you’ll get:

  • Cloud-based payments
  • Employee Management for clocking in/out
  • Customer Management (save profiles, purchase data, etc)
  • Accept all forms of payment (Chip+PIN, Apple Pay, EBT)
  • Allows for Open Tabs
  • Allows for discount-based rewards
  • Limited access to the Clover App Market

The Payments Plus plan is a great way to get to know Clover. If you don’t have the need to track inventory or utilize many third-party apps, then this could be a great solution for you. And remember, Clover makes it easy to switch plans whenever you’d like!

Register Lite Plan – $9.95 per device/month

Register Lite is a Clover plan that offers a small taste of what the actual Register Plan can do. It’s commonly known as a “cash register replacement”. It has the same features as the Payments Plus plan (above) but also includes:

  • More advanced Order Management – you can create, save, and refund specific orders
  • You can also assign item categories, numbers, and notes to specific orders for easier tracking
  • Inventory management to allow you to manage simple items and track the stock levels of your current inventory
  • Deeper access to the third-party App Market for Clover apps – apps that integrate with items/orders are allowed
  • You can tether a customer-facing display, if desired
  • Tax calculation can be set at a per-item level
  • Rewards can be set at a per-item level

Unless you have the need to integrate with kitchen printers or access specific upper-level apps, this plan works perfectly for most retailers.

Register Plan – $39.95 first device/month & $9.95 per additional device

The Register plan is the most commonly used Clover plan, and allows access to all Register Lite Bundle + More. This would be best for Retail locations or QSR that don’t need the option for Kitchen Printers.

  • Inventory items can have costs associated with them, to track over time
  • Item exchanges are built-in
  • You can create specific “types” of orders, and combine multiple orders (great for restaurants)
  • Weight Scale support
  • Item Variants
  • Full access to the App Market

Counter Service Restaurant Plan – $39.95 first device/month & $9.95 per additional device

The Counter Service Plan would be the ideal fit for a setting of a Quick Service Restaurant or businesses that have a line at the Point of Sale. This offers the business additional features to help run and maintain their business as they see fit. This come with additional features such as:

  • Kitchen Printer & Display Integrations to help ticket times
  • No longer has Item variants but upgraded to FULL Menu Management
  • Pre-Auth capability – GREAT for bars/restaurants

Table Service Restaurant – $69.95 first device/month & $9.95 per additional device. 

The Table Service Restaurant is the most popular plan offered and will only get better with time. This Plan offers everything stated previously AND MORE! This will be mostly used for Food Industry business that require the whole package. This will offer FULL Menu Management, FULL Kitchen Printer and Display Integrations, Item Modifiers and more below:

  • Multiple Bill Splitting Options
    • With and without Tabs
  • Table Mapping through the Clover Dining App
    • Offers ability to Virtually recreate your entire establishment for easy table orders
  • Tableside order, fire, and payments
  • NEW Scan to Pay
    • ApplePay transactions through Barcode on receipts


If you have any questions, please refer to the SaaS Plans & Features display below.