You may have recently noticed an influx of third party apps. Currently we have a handful, with many more to come. Here are some common frequently asked questions.


What does it mean if an app is a third party app?

Think about Apple’s iPhone, which is a platform for many apps. While Apple makes a good number of their own apps, many non-Apple developers also make apps that are available in the iPhone’s App Store.

Similarly, Clover has not only apps built by Clover engineers, but it’s also a platform for apps built by other developers, available in the App Market App Market icon.


How can you tell if an app is a Clover app or a third party app?

If you go into the App Market App Market icon, you will see the apps that are available and installed. Underneath each app name is the company that made the app as well as the price of that app. So, if the app is not made “by Clover”, then it is a third party app.


Is Clover responsible for the functionality of a third party app?

Since third party apps are owned and managed by non-Clover employees, if there is something wrong with a third party app, please contact the developers directly to get the latest updates on the status of their app. Their contact info is listed in the App Market App Market icon under the app’s Details.


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