Barcode Scanner / Camera

In order to activate the barcode scanner / camera on Clover Station and Clover Mini, tap the barcode icon on the bottom left of the screen within any app. For Clover Station, the camera is back-facing and located on the left and for Clover Mini, the camera is front-facing and on the top of the screen. In order to activate the barcode scanner / camera on Clover Mobile, press the trigger located on the handle. This will activate the camera and red light on the side of the Clover Mobile handle. Clover Mobile also has a front-facing camera located in one of the Clover leaves toward the upper left hand side of the screen. This camera can be activated in the Camera app and potentially other apps going forward.

All cameras across all Clover devices can be used to scan barcodes on physical receipts, scan inventory items, scan QR codes, take pictures, etc. depending on the app used to access the camera.

Cash Drawer

Clover Station and Clover Mini (if on the Pro Service Plan) can be connected to and use the cash drawer via the RJ-11 6P6C cable. Clover Mobile is designed to be mobile and is not designed to connect with a cash drawer via Bluetooth or other means. The cash drawer is meant to be connected to one device at a time (for the purposes of clear cash log tracking) but it can be opened at anytime with a key.

Clover Browser app

Clover Mobile / Clover Mini will not have the Clover Browser app in order to comply with the strict security we need to follow on these new PIN-entry devices.

Factory Reset

Factory resetting on Clover Mobile / Clover Mini will require an employee to enter their PIN.

Network Connectivity

Clover Station will have the option of connecting via Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Clover Mobile and Clover Mini have two hardware options each: Clover Mobile Wi-Fi or Clover Mobile 3G (3G enabled) and Clover Mini Wi-Fi or Clover Mini 3G (3G enabled). Clover Mobile will have the option of connecting via Wi-Fi and 3G (if Clover Mobile is 3G enabled). Clover Mini will have the option of connecting via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G (if Clover Mini is 3G enabled).

New Clover Mobile / Clover Mini apps

Clover Station will not (initially) include the following new apps:

  • Authorizations app Auth Only app icon
  • Bar Tab Auths app Bar Tabs app icon
  • Closeout appCloseout app icon
  • Mobile Printer appMobile Printer app icon
  • Sale app Sale app icon
  • Phone Sale app Phone Sale app icon
  • Refund app Refund app icon
  • Voice Auth appVoice Auth app icon
  • Transactions appTransactions app icon
  • Wireless Manager appWireless Manager app icon

Offline processing

All Clover devices (if they are on the Pro Service Plan) have the ability to take cash, check, and other transaction types that do not require connection to the internet. Clover Station has the ability to process offline card transactions. Clover Mini and Clover Mobile do NOT have the ability to process offline card transactions, because EMV transactions cannot be processed offline.

Pay Screen

Register app’s pay screen on Clover Mobile / Clover Mini does not include the CURRENT ORDER pane.


If you have a Clover Station (and any combination of Clover Mobile or Clover Mini devices), you will automatically be rolled into the Pro Service Plan. All the apps in the App Market App Market icon will be available to you, as long as they are supported on your Clover device. If you do NOT have a Clover Station and you have Clover Mobile or Clover Mini devices only, you will have the option to enroll in the FD2000 Plan. You can upgrade to the Pro Service Plan at anytime through the App Market App Market icon.


On Clover Station and Clover Mini, you can swipe down from the upper right hand corner from the device and tap “Reboot” from the menu that appears in order to reboot the device. On Clover Mobile, you will need to hold the white power button on the back of the device down for 2 seconds, tap “Power off” in the popup notification, and hold the same white button on the back of the device to boot the device back up.

Rotation and Merchant-facing vs. Customer-facing Mode

Clover Station has two modes based on its orientation: merchant-facing mode (landscape) vs. customer-facing mode (portrait). The Clover Mobile can be hand-held. As such, Clover Mobile will not automatically switch to customer mode every time the Clover Mobile is in a portrait orientation in particular apps (like Register app). Instead, Register app, Orders app, and other apps will have a “Show Summary” button and customer-facing mode button on the bottom left of the screen which when tapped, will change from merchant-facing to customer-facing mode. Clover Mini will be fixed to landscape orientation and will similarly have a “Show Summary” button and customer-facing mode buttons on the bottom left of the screen.

Settings app

The Settings icon is different between Clover Mobile / Clover Mini (cog) and Station (sliders)

Setup Wizard

For Clover Mobile and Clover Mini, we will ask some configuring settings questions.

Test Mode

With the introduction of taking EMV transactions on the devices themselves, there will NOT be any Test Mode available on our Clover Mobile and Clover Mini devices. If you would like to run a test transaction the devices, please run a small (i.e. $1.00) transaction within Sale Sale app icon app and refund the amount right afterwards.

Unlock Feature

For terminal parity, Clover Mobile / Clover Mini’s lock screen will support an Unlock button with no PIN entry if the merchant sets a “Default Employee” in Clover Mobile / Clover Mini’s setup. (If the merchant has a Clover Station and has this option selected, the Clover Station will not support the unlock feature for the time being.)


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