Register Lite Plan is one of the Clover Service Plans, which also include Payments Plus Plan (formerly called Terminal Plan) and Register Plan. These plans are available for merchant accounts that do not include a Clover Station. Accounts with Clover Stations are automatically assigned to Classic Plan.

Register Lite Plan provides simple inventory and order management for businesses that want the functionality of an electronic cash register and a payment terminal in a single device. It allows you to take payments, track inventory, manage employees, send marketing campaigns, and monitor your business from anywhere.


Register Lite will be available for merchant accounts that do not include a Clover Station; in other words, that only have Clover Mini(s) and/or Clover Mobile(s). Accounts with Clover Station are automatically assigned to Classic Plan.

See below for instructions on how to switch plans and an overview of all three Clover Service Plans.

Clover Service Plans

Payments Plus (formerly Terminal) Register Lite Register 

(called Classic, for accounts with Clover Stations)

Overview Smart, cloud-based payments, employee and customer management, in one device All Payments Plus features, plus simple inventory and order management in one device; cash register replacement All Payments Plus and Register Lite features, plus full-featured POS with enhanced inventory and order management
Payments — accepts all forms

Employee management

Customer Engagement

Inventory Management


Simple items

Stock tracking


Items with modifiers and variants

Track cost

Exchange items

Order Management


Create, save, and refund orders

Item categories

Assign numbers and add notes to orders


Order types

Combine multiple orders

Additional Features Open tabs 

Discount-based rewards

Limited access to Clover App Market

All additional features for Payments Plus, plus… 

Connect to customer facing display (tethered) Item level discounts

Item level tax calculations

Item level rewards

Access to Clover App Market apps integrated with items & orders

All additional features for Payments Plus and Register Lite, plus… 

Remote order (kitchen) printing Kitchen order display

Support for larger 11.6” touch screen

Weight scale support

Full access to Clover App Market

To change your service plan:

  1. Open App Market 
  2. Tap the menu button on the upper left
  3. Tap Service Plans
  4. Your current plan will be highlighted in green
  5. Tap Authorize for the service plan you want to switch to
  6. Confirm plan switch
  7. After completing, tap the Windowed View icon at the bottom of the screen, then hold and swipe downwards on each window to close the open apps


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