We increased the maximum contactless transaction limit from $100.00 to $99,999.99 for FD40, Clover Mini and Clover Mobile devices.

What does this mean?  
  • Your customers will now be able to “tap” contactless enabled cards and phones (i.e. Apple Pay) for transactions larger than $100.00.
  • The increase in limit does not mean all transactions will be approved.
  • The device itself will no longer prohibit larger ticket items from being attempted in contactless mode.
  • The transaction will route to the Issuer and ultimately it is their decision on whether or not the transaction will be approved.
When was this changed?
  • Clover Mobile & Clover Mini – Friday, August 21st.
  • FD40 – Tuesday, August 25th.
What do you need to do to obtain the update?
  • Clover Mobile & Clover Mini – Nothing. Your Clover Mobile and Clover Mini devices update nightly with a reboot.
  • FD40 – You will need to reboot your Clover Station. This will prompt an update within the PIN Pad app and a reboot the FD40. Once the devices reboot, the new updates will be available on your FD40.
Important Notes:  
  • Your new version of the PIN Pad app will not automatically update as your Clover Station will not automatically reboot. If you are still experiencing a limit of $100 on your FD40, you should reboot your Clover Station.
  • If you do not reboot your Clover Station, you will receive the update with the release of the next version of PIN Pad app.


Reference Site: https://help.clover.com/faq/what-is-the-contactless-transaction-limit/